Attorneys – Alpine Funding can help you in several ways

First, we can help you leverage your contingency fees on settled or pending cases. You can receive an advance against the expected fees from your pre-settlement or settled cases. Or we can simply provide your firm with a loan.

Either way, we can increase your cash flow so that you won’t have to turn away business or refer business to other law firms while waiting for your fees. Alpine Funding is well funded and we stand ready to help you grow your business by getting the money you need when you need it.

Second, we can make advances to your clients against the proceeds of their cases so that they won’t pressure you to accept low settlement offers because of their pressing financial needs.

When your client asks you for an advance and you are unable to comply because it is unethical and/or prohibited by law, you can get your client the funds he/she needs by having him/her contact Alpine Funding.

The process is fast and easy and takes very little of your time. We make funding decisions quickly, value cases generously and provide your clients with the funds they need by wire transfer or overnight mail.

Alpine Funding

Gives your clients staying power for larger settlements
Allows you to manage your cash flow and/or grow your business

Call us now at 1-877-FUNDER9 for more information.

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